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Pet’s Corner

Not only does our community have a regularly updated Residents Corner but we also wanted to give some extra attention to our other special residents: your pets! We would love to add photos of your pets to our Pets Corner Gallery! Simply send your picture via email and your best buddies will be added to the gallery. Don’t forget to include their name.

Do you have any friends looking for an apartment where pets are welcome? Don’t forget to refer your family, friends and co-workersto our pet friendly Las Cruces apartments where cats, dogs, and people can find a great home. For those looking for a pet friendly apartment, read our pet policy on the right and call 575-647-0881 today.


Casa Bandera Apartments Pet Gallery - Send Us Your Photos

"I 'ruff' getting baths!"
"I'm ready for my close up!"
"I'd rather be chasing that roadrunner...."
"I'm ready now!"
"I feel so light! I think I just lost a whole pup worth of hair! Ready for my pink bows!"
"BRR! That cold water feels great in this Las Cruces heat!"
"So fresh and so clean! "
"Puppy love at first sniff!"
Welcome Lady another of our furry four legged buddy that just moved in!

Pet of the Month - Bella

Owner Name: Alejandra E.
Pets Name: Bella
Pet of the month: January
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Age: 7yrs

Help us welcome Bella!  Our newest four legged buddy here at Casa Bandera!  Bella is such an energetic diva, loves attention and enjoys afternoon walks accompanied by her Casa B neighbors.

Pet of the Month - Lunita

Owner Name: Yvonne A.
Pets Name: Lunita
Pet of the month: December
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 2yrs

Lunita is one of Casa Banderas most active four legged buddy.  She loves attention and more than anything been surrounded by humans.  She enjoys running around in the grassy court yard areas!

Pet of the Month - Messi

Owner Name: Ahmad A.
Pets Name: Messi
Pet of the month: November
Breed: Husky
Age: 2yrs

Messy is one of Casa Banderas most active furry four legged buddy.  He loves to be outdoors and play with other dogs on property.

Pet of the Month - Minnie

Owner Name: Jessica K.
Pets Name: Minnie
Pet of the month: October
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 9yrs

Meet Minnie our newest furry four legged buddy, she recently moved in to Casa Bandera and she is loving it!!

Pet of the Month - Ella

Owner Name: Paul D.
Pets Name: Ella
Pet of the month: September
Breed: Dashund/terrier
Age: 20 mo.

Help us welcome Ella our newest furry four legged buddy living here at Casa Bandera.

Pet of the Month - Suki

Owner Name: Sarah P.
Pets Name: Suki
Pet of the month: August
Breed: Tabby
Age: 7mo.

Suki is our new loveable and friendly furry four legged buddy that just moved in to Casa Bandera.  How CUTE is she?

Pet of the Month - Boomer

Owner Name: Alexandra M.
Pets Name: Boomer
Pet of the month: July
Breed: Shitzu mix
Age: 4mo

Boomer is a loveable and friendly furry four legged buddy living here at Casa Bandera.  He enjoys the afternoon walks and enjoys visiting the office staff.

Pet of the Month - Lady

Owner Name: Kandice G.
Pets Name: Lady
Pet of the month: June
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 1yr

Lady is a friendly and loveable furry four legged buddy!  Who enjoys living at Casa Bandera and loves running in the grass.

Pet of the Month - Kobe

Owner Name: Genesis V.
Pets Name: Kobe
Pet of the month: May
Breed: Yorkie
Age: 7yrs

Kobe likes to be around a lot of people and enjoys giving kisses!  Kobe is very protective over Genesis and loves been outside.

Pet of the Month - Neo

Owner Name: Abdulrahman I.
Pets Name: Neo
Pet of the month: April
Breed: Husky
Age: 1yr

Neo is a very loveable and friendly four legged buddy.  He loves afternoon walks at Casa Bandera.  Neo is Abdulrahman’s best friend and loves spending quality time with him.

Local Pet Friendly Links

Las Cruces Dog Park

Dusty Paws Pet Grooming

Arroyo Veterinary Clinic

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Pet Policy

We are a pet friendly community! We accept cats and dogs with a weight limit of 50lbs.  There is a $20 monthly pet rent, $200 pet deposit and a $200 non-refundable pet fee. Breed restrictions apply. Call the office for more details today.

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